Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Secret Life of Deez (Part Two)


When word of what Deez has been up to since he lost his job spreads, Big Country is especially curious.  While reading an autobiography written by Deez doesn't sound like a particularly good way to spend his free time, Big Country's curiosity eventually wins out.  After all, Andrew didn't give a whole lot of details about what was in the book when he mentioned Deez was working on a book.*  What could Deez possibly write about?  Is there something about Deez that Big Country doesn't know?  When he asks Deez to read his most recent draft, he gains valuable insight into ... The Secret Life of Deez.

This is the second episode of the epic week long Secret Life of Deez miniseries event.

*Click here to view part one.

Click here to go to episode three.

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