Friday, January 7, 2011

A Very Special Episode


In the TV world, the 'very special episode' is the sitcom episode that deals with a serious issue.  Usually something bad happens and the characters have to tackle the dramatic situation.  In the process, the viewers learn a lesson.   These episodes are usually not funny or even entertaining.  The final characteristic of the very special episode is that you never hear about what happened ever again.  Someone will get fondled or become addicted to drugs and they are totally over it by the next episode.

For example, on Saved by the Bell, Jessie Spano got hooked on caffeine pills.  The next week she was fine, though it could be argued the long term effects of caffeine abuse were responsible for her stripping in the movie Showgirls.   Full House had at least two very special episodes.  In one, Stephanie Tanner tried a cigarette.  In the other, DJ got an eating disorder.  While I think you can quit smoking after trying one, I don't think you can just stop having an eating disorder.  Diff'rent Strokes put a new connotation to the show's name when Arnold and Kimberly were abducted by a guy while hitchhicking and I guess the dude was trying to molest them (Side note: Arnold's competition Webster had two awesome very special episodes).   Then there was the episode on Who's the Boss where Tony realized his tomboy daughter Sam was growing boobies.  Talk about a special episode!

Ok, I'm getting off track here.  The point of all this is, this is the "very special episode" of The Adventures of Deez and Big Country.  For the first time, Deez and Big Country deal with a serious issue.  It's just like the very special episodes you are used to on TV, except you probably won't learn anything.

Editor's note: This episode can be viewed as the prelude to the Secret Life of Deez miniseries event.

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  1. Good episode. I hope it is not a true story!