Sunday, March 13, 2011

Scout's Honor

Like most people in America, Deez can't resist ordering girl scout cookies.  Unlike most people in America, Deez also can't resist the urge to tell an inappropriate joke to the poor girl scout who delivers them to him.

Editor's Note: No actual girl scouts were harmed in the making of this episode.

The Girl Scouts don't have a costumed mascot, but somehow they manage to sell cookies.  Colleges don't sell cookies, which may be why they have decided to employ mascots.  CLICK HERE for some really funny college mascots.


  1. Mmmm Samoas ♥♥♥ Haha this one´s funny!

  2. Saw that one coming! The art is fantastic. It gets better with every episode. Truly impressed...

  3. where do i order the cookies?

  4. Oh no Deez! Now you've turned on their Enimnity Front.