Monday, April 4, 2011

Introducing Scrobie!

WARNING: This cartoon is intended for mature audiences only.  Well, actually, it is intended for immature audiences only.  The point is, you probably don't want to watch this one with your kids ... unless you are one of those parents who believes that your children should be exposed to everything the world has to offer to prepare them for life.  In that case, go ahead and watch with the entire family.  Just consider yourself forewarned.

At this time, we take a detour from the usual adventures of Deez and Big Country to showcase America's next great cartoon character - Scrobie!  Scrobie has been called "what you'd get if Spongebob Squarepants mated with a Pokemon and that offspring was dropped off on the front porch of the Telletubbies who subsequently gave that abandoned baby to the Smurfs to raise."

I'm not exactly sure what all of that means, but in his debut episode, Scrobie goes on vacation.

CLICK HERE to see Scrobie's next adventure.

Editor's note: Many cartoon historians have noticed similarities between Scrobie and Strokemon.  Any similarities between the two popular cartoon character are purely coincidental other than the fact that they are cousins.

Editor's note 2: Big Bone Lick State Park is 100% real.

Editor's note 3: Check out Scrobie's Facebook page.  He needs friends!

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