Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Scrobie Sidekick Auditions - Durex Jones

WARNING: This cartoon is intended for mature audiences only.  Well, actually, it is intended for immature audiences only.  The point is, you probably don't want to watch this one with your kids ... unless you are one of those parents who believes that your children should be exposed to everything the world has to offer to prepare them for life.  In that case, go ahead and watch with the entire family.  Just consider yourself forewarned.

We continue our detour from the exciting adventures of Deez and Big Country to continue our examination of America's next great cartoon character - Scrobie!

With looks, fame, and the kind of fortune that can only be accumulated through merchandising and endorsement deals, Scrobie has it all.   The only thing holding him back from being considered America's top cartoon hero is his his lack of a sidekick ... and the fact that his adventures are not particularly heroic.  Putting your life in harm's way is dangerous, but holding sidekick auditions is not.  So, in this episode, Scrobie holds his first sidekick audition.  Will it be his last?

If you somehow missed Scrobie's debut, you can view it by clicking HERE.

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When you are done watching Scrobie videos, check out his Facebook page.  He needs friends!

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  1. I think I am in love with Scrobie.