Saturday, November 17, 2012

What Is Scrobie?

WARNING: This cartoon is intended for mature audiences only.  Well, actually, it is intended for immature audiences only.  The point is, you probably don't want to watch this one with your kids ... unless you are one of those parents who believes that your children should be exposed to everything the world has to offer to prepare them for life.  In that case, go ahead and watch with the entire family.  Just consider yourself forewarned.

Ever since he burst onto the pop culture scene, Scrobie has been getting a lot of attention.  His Facebook page alone has more than 22 friends!  But one question has dogged him since his debut:

What is Scrobie?

Some people have hypothesized that Scrobie is less than than the wholesome children's cartoon character he seems to be.  Luckily for the world, Scrobie is finally ready to address those rumors in this video!

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This street is 100% real

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