Saturday, June 13, 2015

Hidden Deez Nuts Messages

Deez nuts are hidden everywhere, right under your nose.  Well, hopefully there aren't nuts literally under your nose, because I don't want to speculate what that would mean for the rest of your face. 

Nuts are good, but healthy nuts are even better.  Thanks Las Vegas!
Las Vegas Airport

I wonder if the Miami Heat's arena sponsor was a reason LeBron James went back to Cleveland.  My Co. Suck Deez Nuts?  Thanks, but no thanks!  The NBA already has enough nut shots!

Miami Heat Basketball Arena

Is this sign telling us to drink a beer for our nuts?  I'm not sure that makes sense, but any excuse to drink a beer sounds good to me.
Coronado Island, San Diego

Now deez nuts are subliminally coming at us through the radio.  Wait, that sounded kind of gross ... but you get what we mean.  This is probably the best radio channel ever.

DJ Saul T. Nutz on air.

For more examples of deez nuts hidden around the world, check out this list of Deez Nuts Destinations.

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