Sunday, November 13, 2016

NFL Drops Epic Deez Nuts Joke

The NFL has become known by some as the "No Fun League." Well, that seems destined to change thanks to an epic tweet by the NFL. As you can see, when the NFL's official Twitter account threw out a "DEEEEEZ":

The rest of the world quickly brought the nuts:

Ironically enough, the NFL deez nuts joke came courtesy of the Dallas Cowboys, which has previously been criticized for stealing deez nuts jokes from this site.  This follows some notable instances of NFL players forming the intersection of nuts and sports.  Clearly, amid flagging ratings, the NFL wants to be fun again ... and the best way to have fun is to tell deez nuts jokes.

Was the NFL tweet a social commentary on the Cowboys' theft?  Possibly. Was it an unintentional walk down deez nuts lane? Probably. Do we care?  No!  Deez Nuts!